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How do I create a dodecahedron in 3D using AutoCAD?

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This too  is part of our assignment in my next AutoCAD class.  Can anyone help with this and the question I asked yesterday?  Come on peeps help a girl out!
asked Jan 8, 2016 in Advanced by Sue Zakana (2,830 points)  
Hoping for some help over the weekend with this as I'd like to get a head start prior to the start of classes Monday.  Why waste a perfectly good weekend right?
Anybody able to help?  Any other websites I can go to for a tutorial?
This assignment is due next week.  Where can I go for help with this question?  Do we have any members that have 3D experience?  There should be a section, or sub-forum, for student related questions so they can post threads to get help with homework assignments and projects.  That would be really useful to students like myself.

Can we upload drawings?

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