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Novice or Intermediate AutoCAD users, this help site is for you!

You'll find here very quick answers to basic questions you will encounter in the daily use of Autodesk AutoCAD.

You'll tell me, what does this site has that other support forums, on the same subject, don't have?

Well, it is designed with questions and answers (Q&A), here, no searching for the right forum to post, no endless discussions, no subjective opinion, but only clear answers that will help you out in case of emergency and to start with AutoCAD

A great ressource for tips and tricks!

Traditionally you will look for information by keywords, using the search field at the top right of the site. You can also browse through categories. Or you can choose to click one of the keywords that appear in all subjects and also on the right side panel of the site's home page. Multiple ways to search for information.

If you are a beginner, AutoCAD is certainly a daunting software. You will find everything you need to start in the beginner category. If by chance you do not find, simply ask for by asking a question. You will notice as you type your question that you will be suggested answers in real time!

Whether we are talking about the user interface, menus, ribbon, toolbars, the command line, windows, dialog boxes, palettes, the drawing editor, basic commands to draw objects such as lines, circles, arcs, rectangles, polylines, or editing commands like copy, move, stretch, delete, scale, or concepts such as training, AutoCAD 360, viewer, 3D, AutoCAD for Mac all that is essential to the beginner is here.

What you will NOT find here: pirated and crack software... No blocks to download either, there are plenty of such resources on the Net.

And remember, it's better to look stupid five minutes asking a question than staying stupid all your life not asking this question.

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where you can ask AutoCAD questions in categories and by tags, and receive answers from other members of the community.

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